Devices for electrolysis at home

There is no time and opportunity for a beauty salon, but you want to get rid of your hair once and for all? The home electrolysis machine will help you with this.

Devices types

The following types are popular:

  • Needle;
  • Threaded;
  • Forceps.

The most effective and at the same time expensive is the first type of devices. Electrolysis at home and a needle machine are unreasonable things if you do not plan to make money on it.

If you want to try non-standard methods of eliminating hairs, then experiment with such a method as electrolysis with a thread – features, reviews can be read on the website page. And I am also attaching a video in which I talk in detail about this.

How it works

Short and long hair from all areas of the body is removed using an electric discharge supplied to the bulb through a needle.

Thanks to its compact size, the home electrolysis device is easy to use.

Getting started, you need to know that there are four modes in which the electrolysis system works:

  • Thermolysis;
  • Electrolysis;
  • Blend;
  • Flash.

How to choose a device for work

Electrolysis with a home appliance is difficult if you choose the wrong machine. Before buying it, you need to carefully study the models available on the market.

There are domestic and foreign models:

  1. Shmel 1000.

Compact, powerful Russian production. Epilates in flash mode. Price from 400 dollars.

  1. ROSS.

Spanish device. Designed for professional use (all modes). Price from 4000 USD.

  1. POLLY Galatea.

Domestic apparatus equipped with three modes. Price from 600 dollars.

  1. Electric epilator Gezatone DE300.

Production FRANCE, the leader in sales from 300 dollars.


Probably one of the most low-cost options, they are available from 120 dollars.

  1. Decomedical DEC 22 Electric epilator (needles, forceps, probe) Depil system complex

Multifunctional epilator, made in Italy, a lot of supplies, Price from 1000 USD

  1. Devices of Sorisa (Spain) DE-4000

Professional equipment, Price from 900 USD

  1. Electric epilator Biomak Needle epilator-coagulator Biomak EP 300

Semi-professional, can be used both at home and provide services, Price from 270 dollars.

Here I introduce the most popular devices that are popular, in fact, there are about 50 different companies in the world. Each company usually has up to 15 models. Their difference is in the functionality of the equipment itself. In my practice, I also came across fakes. Both new and used equipment can be purchased from me at a good price.

The choice of device depends on your goals. If you want to work as a certified master, then you should focus on the purchase of more expensive equipment. I advise you to watch my video on “Equipment for electrolysis”:

Electrolysis at home: reviews

Anastasia, 20 years old, Petersburg:

I like doing this at home than in the salon. I was given an apparatus for my birthday, and I am happy. I work in the simplest mode, and the result is amazing!

Anne, 40 years old, Ontario:

Last year I bought Shmel 1000. I didn’t regret it. I use it very rarely, but aptly. There is only one mode, but it’s enough for me. At first, the hairs remained, but after a year of use, the legs and other parts of the body are perfect!

Kate, 24 years old, Tampa:

I was always lazy to go to a beauty salon. So I decided to order a “Shmel1000”. It’s compact, which is good news! After 4 sessions, nothing was left of my thick hair. Of course, I am not a master, but I think that my result is stunning. I advise everyone!

Today you learned how to get rid of annoying hair at home once and for all! Surely you will be interested in other methods of hair removal. You will find out about this and not only by leaving a request on the site. By the way, only this fall there are delicious discounts on the purchase of an electrolysis course! Hurry up to master the profession of your dreams!

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