So, today – the Biomak EP200 electric epilator. Despite the fact that the modern beauty industry does not stand still and is actively developing, electrolysis has been popular for several years among those who want to forget forever about the boring razor, the effect of which does not last even for a few days. This procedure is relevant for many due to a number of its advantages, which you can read about in my blog: ” Pros and cons of Electrolysis “. Therefore, today we will talk about the Biomak 200 electrolysis epilator, which will help get rid of unwanted hair even in the most delicate areas. By the way, on the official website of the manufacturer of the electrolysis epilator biomak, there are several models: biomak ep200 – probably the best-selling, biomac ep300, ep400, ep103 and ep101 – which are out of production and you can hardly find them, instead of them, electric epilator, ep103 appeared.

Hair Removal Methods – Electric Epilator Biomak EP200

Biomak EP200 is an electric epilator that closes the blood vessels, preventing bleeding and ensuring that all hygiene standards are met. Biomak electric epilator can be used for three types of procedures at once, namely:
• Thermolysis – the destruction of the hair follicle by high frequency current under high voltage. It is thermolysis that helps to close the blood vessels since the high-frequency current promotes blood clotting.
• Electrolysis – the destruction of the tissue of the bulb through a chemical alkaline reaction.
• Blend is a method that combines both thermolysis and electrolysis.

Video review Biomak ep200

Below – you can watch a video review of the Biomak ep200 electrolysis device – which you can order from me, leave your questions on YouTube and subscribe to the channel so as not to miss new videos. There is support for equipment, I will also add to two large chats – Electrologists.

Specifications Biomacker 200

1. Automatic adjustment of the procedure time
2. Regulation of current supply
3. Smooth power change in seven modes.

The Biomak EP package consists of a handle, a pedal, a Ballet, WYC, Velona, and UNI-PROBE needle clamp – which you can also buy from me, three of which are included, an armband and a vice for needles.

Despite the good characteristics and high-quality equipment of Biomak 200, which you can buy through me at a nice price, be sure to read the reviews about Biomak 200 on the forum in order to put together a picture in your head, weighing all the pros and cons.

And although many people consider the biomac electric epilator, not a cheap one: it’s still worth buying, because after completing my course “I am an electrologist” You will be able to recoup it with your own result, getting rid of hair forever, and through the procedures for your clients, which my students always have enough. You can leave an application for the course on the main page of the official website.

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