Depilation training courses. If you think that the idea about removing body hair emerged recently, then you are very mistaken, because the main beauties of Egypt, Cleopatra ,and Nefertiti, used forceps and wax masks to get smooth hairless skin. But cosmetology moves forward, and therefore the variety of methods of epilation and depilation is impressive, but today we will get to know more precisely such a method as depilation, which will not take much time to learn.

What is depilation?

Depilation is the removal of only that part of the hair that is located above the skin, without affecting the root. Depilation removes hair only temporarily, but not forever, since the hair follicle is not destroyed, which means that the growth of hair does not cease. This method of dealing with unwanted hair originated with the Indians of the Amazon where they got rid of facial hair with hot rubber.

Types of depilation?

  1. Shave

The simplest and most home depilation method, which simply cuts hair from the surface of the skin. The result is enough for a very short period of time – only 2-3 days, and one blade for no more than 5-7 procedures.

  1. Waxing
    Hair removal is carried out with the help of specially prepared wax: it is applied in a thin layer and torn off against hair growth. The procedure is quite painful and unpleasant, but basically does not cause allergic reactions, and the result is quite enough for up to a month. You can even take waxing training for free – just by watching many video tutorials on YouTube, but if you want to do this not only for yourself but also for earning money, then it is better to take full waxing courses so as not to harm your future clients.
  2. Sugaring
    The method is very similar to waxing, both in the process itself and in the duration of the result. The main difference is the use of sugar paste instead of wax, which, in addition to smoothness, also ensures the softness of the skin. The procedure is also quite painful and takes longer than waxing, as the sugar paste is applied to small areas of the skin. As for carrying out this procedure at home, you can also go through the training of sugar depilation using video tutorials, but this knowledge may not be enough to work with real clients, because at least a certificate is needed for employment. And although among many clients of beauty salons, sugaring depilation is in special demand due to several advantages, training will not take you too much time.
  3. Threading
    Hair removal by a thread is most often used for eyebrow shaping, hair removal above the lip, arms, and legs. Cotton or silk thread is used. The big advantage of Threading is its cost and short duration of the procedure, and the main disadvantage is the limited zones.

Which is more effective: depilation or epilation?

If we consider such an area as depilation, the courses are quite simple and short, but at the same time, the result and income in this industry are not very high, because the effect of the procedures is rather short. I preferred epilation, namely electrolysis, where the destruction of the hair follicle occurs by direct and alternating current, which stops hair growth. If you also want to have a permanent decent income and perfect smooth skin, then my course “I am an ELECTROLOGIST” will be an excellent start in this industry. Leave a request on the main page of the site within 2 days for you a special offer with a benefit of up to 190 dollars.

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