Devices EHVCH MTUSI (electroepilator-coagulator) since 2008 have been produced using the EHVCH MEDSI trademark. The technical characteristics of both series of devices are completely identical. More than a dozen articles have been written about the advantages of electrolysis, but who needs theory, if you can be convinced in practice, having mastered the skill on an online course. Even without leaving your home, you can learn how to work on an EHVCH electric epilator, ensuring yourself a good future in the beauty industry.

General information about the EHVCH apparatus

This device is not only an electrolysis epilator, but also a coagulator, and therefore can be used not only in the field of hair removal but also in cosmetology. The device operates in two modes:
• Thermolysis is the destruction of the hair follicle by the high-frequency current under high voltage.
• Coagulation is the effect of energy on the melatonin granule, which is located in the hair follicle and is responsible for hair growth.

Models of EHVCH electrolysis epilator

1. EHVCH 12-20 MTUCI (Epilator – Sclerozator, Epilator – Epilator-coagulator) – Has a smooth adjustment of output power. OUTPUT 1 0.2 to 3 W. OUTPUT 2 from 2 to 12 W. The most popular Electric epilator of all MTUCI models.
2. EHHF MTUSI 20 W – a 20 W device, which has a limited range of use due to low power, and therefore can be used in cosmetology to remove papillomas and genital warts.
3. EHVCH MEDSI 50 W – a device with power at the second output of at least 50 W, which can be used even in dentistry for pulp coagulation and removal of neoplasms on mucous membranes and skin.

Video review Device EHVCH MEDSI (EHVCH MTUSI)

Below – you can watch a video review of the EHVCH MEDSI (EHVCH MTUSI) Electric Epilator – which you can order from me – prices from the manufacturer, leave your questions on YouTube and subscribe to the channel so as not to miss new videos. There is support for equipment, I will also add to two large chats – Electrologists.


• Working frequency – 440 kHz
• Load range – up to 10000 Ohm
• Number of outputs – two
• Power at the first output – 3 W, at the second – at least 20 or 50 W
• Control – from the pedal
• Protection against short circuit and no-load
• The maximum temperature for the operation of the device – + 35 °
• Complete set – unit of the device, pedal, coagulation, and epilation electric holder for thread, epilation thread electrode, and coagulation electrode, trunk, and instructions.

If you have been looking for a permanent stable income for a long time, then the niche of electrolysis is still not filled by specialists, which means it is not too late to learn how to work with EHHF electrolysis coagulator – which you can order from me and master the skill on the online course “I am an electrologist“, for which you can leave a request in a matter of minutes on my website. All good.

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