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Advanced Electrolysis Course

I am an Electrologist!

Training in Canada

I want to share my knowledge of electrolysis. Education, courses, and training on electrolysis are online all over the world, institute (online schools) price starts from 299 USD.

Аида Хазиева

Free Webinar on December, 7th | Online



Who Is This Course For?

  • For those who have long been interested in the beauty industry
  • For those who don’t like the current job
  • For those who want to make good money in the beauty industry
  • For those who want to help people get rid of unwanted hair
  • For those who is already working in the beauty industry and wants to master a new skill
  • For those who first of all want to learn for themselves

Why should you join the course?

We have the strongest arguments.

Доступность курса


You don't need to waste time and money to get to a class. All you need to study with us is the Internet and a desire to learn


You do not need to adjust to the school schedule, you can set it by yourself


This course is the start of your profitable business and a new life


I have a great deal of working knowledge of Electrolysis. I will gladly pass it on to you.


I will help you study ins and outs of the program


If you pay for the lessons and cannot continue your studies, I guarantee a refund


In each lesson, you will do your homework and keep strict records.


You will have access to video recordings at any time. You can always watch them again.


You can choose one of 4 options of course, in each of these learning formats I guarantee an individual approach in the teaching process


To strengthen the knowledge of the practical part, we do training on the practice model

How is electrolysis training being carried out

Participation in a closed group with tasks

Access to a closed group, where lessons and practices will be posted.

Access to a closed group, where lessons and practices will be posted.

For 30 days, lessons are posted on a time basis except for Sunday. Short lessons with exercises and practices.

Live communication 1-2 times a week

There will be 4 webinars on 12 Modules for 1.5 hours. For lessons analyses.

Answers to questions

Answers to your questions, updates in messages to the community, or in personal messages are given within 30 days.

One month support

Support and answers to questions within a month. If necessary, an additional webinar is possible.

Individual approach

I guarantee an individual approach to anyone









Reviews and feedbacks from students in Canada

Our course is available to anyone

I want to say a huge thank you to Aida Khazieva for such a course on Electrolysis. I didn’t think it was possible to take the course so quickly and get a new education in the beauty industry. I myself am from Fredericton and it was important for me to learn Electroepilysis without leaving my home – I made a choice and I got it)) Thank you very much. I wish you success.

Elizabeth, Fredericton Star rating: 5

What can I say here? Only positive emotions after completing the course “I am an ELECTROLOGIST”, now I want to go to Aida for a further training, soon she will come to our city. In the meantime, I am working by completing an online course, which gave me new knowledge and skills in the beauty industry. It’s interesting whether the advanced training – online – is very convenient, of course.

Avery, Victoria Star rating: 5

I am writing to you from St. John’s. Thank you very much Aida, I really received additional education in 5 days and on the very first day of work I already had my first client. I am glad that I found you. I wish you success in all your endeavors.

Sarah, St. John's Star rating: 5

Features of training in Canada

Needless to say, how profitable and popular is the job of an electrologist? This service is popular in all cities of Canada, including Burnaby, Markham, Burlington, Kelowna, Milton, Red Deer, Clarington, Victoria, Frederictonand, and a number of others. Let’s talk about how to master this wonderful profession.

Online training format

You can take electrolysis courses online or offline. Online course means training in the format of webinars. For four weeks, you study in a closed group, completing practical tasks, and receiving feedback. In addition, 1-2 times a week, at a convenient time, you participate in a live conversation on a special Internet platform. For 1.5 hours of communication, the analysis of the homework performed and the assessment of your experience takes place.

I choose offline!

An offline course involves attending classes in person. Within 1-2 days you “absorb” useful theoretical knowledge, undergo practical training necessary for further work and, finally, receive a long-awaited certificate of completion of the course.

Free Electrolysis Webinar

And you heard right! Already today you can undergo electrolysis training, and at any convenient time to complete a full course of electrolysis without leaving your home. Hurry up to participate in free webinars that will be held in the following cities:

  • Burnaby;
  • Markham;
  • Burlington;
  • Kelowna;
  • Milton;
  • Red Deer;
  • Clarington;
  • Victoria;
  • Frederictonand;
  • Strathcona County;
  • Langley;
  • Barrie;

Where and when?

Every month there is an online webinar, you can apply on my website. Finally, you will have the opportunity to learn about the electrolysis training program firsthand in all the details. The free webinar assumes that you will familiarize yourself with the basics of the profession of an electrologist and decide for yourself whether you want to master a profession in demand or continue living a boring life!

Who’s coming?

Men and women from 18 to 60 years old have already signed up for the webinar. The profession of an electrologist is chosen by students, retirees, doctors, cosmetologists, psychologists, managers – you can’t name all of them. Are you also one of them?

Change your life for the better!

Participate in the webinar for the chance to purchase the full online course at a special price! Start this fall with a new profession by leaving an application for training on the site.


I love honesty and transparency, so I give a money-back guarantee. If during the training, within 3 days, you realize that you are not ready to study for any reason, I guarantee a full refund. If, however, you decide to end the training later than the declared 3 days, the money will not be returned. During the entire course of study and after graduation, we fully supervise our students.

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