Electrolysis is a unique method that will help get rid of unwanted hair once and for all! If you want to master the skill, learn how to work on the Apilus apparatus, and find out the price of equipment from the manufacturer, sign up for an advanced online electrolysis course using the button sign up on this page, the price – Apilus will be at a discount. The training will become a new path in your life. After completing it, you will master a completely new area and can make good money.

Benefits of electrolysis

The most modern and innovative device for electrolysis – Apilus from a Canadian manufacturer. It is he who is the non-competitive world leader in the industry, which allows the procedure to be carried out completely painless.
Apilus electrolysis is a method by which you can forget about unwanted hair forever. It can be applied anywhere on the body, regardless of skin color and hair structure. The effectiveness of the procedure has been proven in practice and received the best reviews.

A little about the Apilus device

Apilus electrolysis, the price of which is quite acceptable, given the fact that after several procedures the hair stops growing completely, is carried out on the appropriate equipment. Apilus is the only device in the world that provides comfortable and painless hair removal. There are no barriers to using the equipment, it can easily cope even with areas where thick and vellus hairs grow interspersed. The advantages of this type of hair removal in comparison with others are obvious:

• affects any hair;
• effective even for hormone-dependent hair.

The Apilus electrolysis device is rightfully considered the most efficient in the world. Hair re-emergence is significantly slowed down after the second procedure, and 30% of hair stops growing forever.
Equipment types

The Apilus apparatus can be of different modifications:

1. Apilus xCell. The only device in the world that operates at a frequency of 27.12 MHz. Thanks to the impulses that are performed with a frequency of thousandths of a second, the epilation procedure becomes painless and as comfortable as possible. The device can be effectively applied to any part of the body, even the most sensitive clients will appreciate the comfort of the procedure.

2. Apilus xCell Pro. An improved version of the previous model. It features an exquisite design, equipped with a touch screen, on which it is convenient to select the necessary programs. It is possible to keep track of procedures. Practicality and performance are closely intertwined in this device.

3. Apilus Senior 3G. Performs work quickly and efficiently. Apilus Senior is a powerful model operating at 13.56 MHz. The master is offered the entire set of modes. The device is equipped with an improved and the fastest thermolysis. Thanks to its unique capabilities, high efficiency, this device have rightfully earned the title of the number 1 device for electrolysis in the world.
Who is Apilus suitable for?

Apilus is a device that will become an indispensable device for everyone who has decided to link their activities with the beauty industry. It will be equally comfortable to work with both beginners and professionals.
If you are doing electrolysis recently or are just planning to undergo training with us, this device is exactly what you need! Thanks to the installed programs, you will not have to select the necessary parameters for a painfully long time and thus test the system on your clients.

Professional craftsmen will appreciate the equipment for the ability to control absolutely all parameters, as well as for the presence of a large number of modes. Experienced electrologists will be able to hone their own skills, improve their qualifications, and rise to a completely new level.

How to order an Apilus device?

If you want to learn the art of electrolysis in order to do it yourself at home or make it your main source of income, be sure to sign up for our course. You can leave a request here – “I AM AN ELECTROLOGIST” .

You can also buy Apilus from us and thereby get a lucrative offer for training to work on it. The price for Apilus is quite justified, the cost of the device will pay off in the near future. Thus, you will discover a new path and you can become a true professional in the field of hair removal. Leave a request, contact us by contact, and we will help you.

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