In today’s article, we will focus on the French electrolysis epilator Gezatone Biolift4 300, which is developed using built-in computer control, which allows you to more accurately regulate the parameters and reduce the pain of the procedure. If you want to become a part of the electrolysis world, then you can purchase this device from me and take my personal course “I am an Electrologist” in order to radically change your life in the near future and significantly increase your income.

A little about Gezatone

The Gezatone Biolift4 300 needle electric epilator-coagulator belongs to the category of professional salon equipment made in France. The Gezatone beauty equipment company is in great demand in many countries due to its affordable prices for high-quality equipment, which is developed in conjunction with leading French institutes and clinics. Ease of use means that this device is suitable for both beginners and true professionals in this field.

Characteristics of Gezatone 300

Gezatone Biolift4 300 has computer control, which contributes to less painful epilation, more reliable adjustment of the desired parameters, and automatic determination of the duration of exposure.

This device works in two modes at once:

  • Thermolysis – exposure of hair follicles to high-frequency alternating current until it is destroyed.
  • Coagulation – exposure of hair follicles to short bursts of alternating current pulses. This method is more often used in cosmetology to remove neoplasms on the skin, namely warts and papillomas.

Work in these modes is provided by 5 programs, each of which is selected in accordance with the required exposure time. You can familiarize yourself with them in detail in the instructions and various reviews. By the way, below I will insert my review, on my channel, there are many reviews of various electrolysis equipment and useful videos completely free of charge, go and subscribe so as not to miss new videos:

The complete set of the Gezatone electrolysis epilator is standard for many epilators and consists of a block, a pedal, handles for epilation and coagulation, as well as connecting cords. The only difference is the presence of a grounding cuff that is worn on the patient.

How to get started with Gezatone 300?

If you decide to start your work in the field of electrolysis with this particular device, then you can purchase it from me at the price of the manufacturer, along with receiving equipment support and access to two major electrolysis chats. And in order to master the art of electrolysis, you just need to click on the “Sign up” button to get into my personal course “I am an Electrologist”, which will make you a real professional in a short time.

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    If you are waiting for gratitude for a good deed – You do not give the good, you sell it. Thank you very much for your free and helpful articles!

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    Continuing to be needed is the best way to acknowledge gratitude. Thank you so much for your article.

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    To be honest, I don’t even wish the enemy the very procedure of electrolysis now. I decided on it because of mad love with a man whom I considered my second half and wanted to become for him the ideal. Hello, I would like to share my impression of the Gezatone DE-300 electric epilator, and not of the electrolysis process. I’ve been using it for almost a year and I’m not going to change it. I have been working as a master electrologist for 5 years (4 of them – in the salon).

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