A lot of women wonder how to stop hair growth after depilation. If you are one of them, keep your attention on this article.

About cosmetics

The most effective way to fight the rapid growth of emerging hair is to use special inhibitors, which include:

  • Creams;
  • Lotions;
  • Sprays;
  • Gels.

Here is a list of specific remedies that visibly reduce the growth of hair follicles:

  • Australian Cream by Skin Doctors;
  • Special spray from Hair Growth;
  • Faberlic and Oriflame products;
  • Eveline Q10 + R
  • Oils from Velvet;
  • Deep depil.

These remedies are used according to a simple algorithm: they are applied immediately after the epilation/depilation process, and then every day for the next two weeks.

Natural home remedies

If your hair grows after depilation, and store products do not specifically help you, then try a different approach. Since olden times, women have been using beauty recipes that have been passed down from mouth to mouth for centuries. Today you can also get useful information for yourself:

  1. Turmeric gruel. It is required to apply the product to the skin where you want to get rid of hairs. Gradually, the hairs will noticeably thinner.
  2. Lemon juice.
  3. Hyacinth. Juice and wipe down.
  4. Potassium permanganate (solution). Make sure the potassium permanganate is completely dissolved before applying the contents to the desired area.
  5. Soda. It is necessary to extinguish it with citric acid, and then proceed to use.

Hair regrowth after depilation

Preventive measures are necessary to avoid ingrown hairs. For example, using essential oils with extract:

  • Jojoba;
  • Tea tree;
  • Eucalyptus;
  • Mint;
  • Lavender.

How to apply the oil to the skin? Just add a couple of drops to the cream, and then spread around the surface to be treated.

You can buy a cream and any of the oils at a pharmacy at a low cost.

If you want to know all about slowing hair growth, take the How to Become an Hair Removal Master. You will learn a lot from it, including ingrown hairs.

Skin treatment after depilation

Hair after waxing can also grow. Let’s look at the composition of cosmetics, due to which there is a decrease in their number:

  • Fruit acid. Helps prevent dehydration of the skin;
  • Clover extract. It is used to delay the recovery of bulbs;
  • Walnut shell (has the same effect as the previous component);
  • Aloe vera, chamomile. Relieves inflammation, relieves itching.

Note that in addition to benefits, many cosmetics can also damage your skin. Test the product on a separate area before use.

Why does hair grow in after depilation?

The answer to this question is logical. Sometimes, after physical treatment, the hair begins to grow in. And this happens, first of all, because the skin gives a response, namely, it begins to thicken. And because of the compaction, the hair grows in, it can still be aggravated by the fact that the procedure were not followed by the rules. If the follicle canal is damaged, the hair begins to grow in the wrong direction, which causes ingrowth.

Often, hair can grow in due to hormonal disruption in the body of women.

Of the frivolous reasons, very frequent shaving is named, which is most directly related to the depilation process.

A few words about depilation

Hair removal at home belongs to the category of “hair removal methods”. In this case, the hair follicle remains intact. There are types of depilation:

  • Shave;
  • Chemical;
  • Electric epilator;
  • Waxing;
  • Threading;
  • Forceps;
  • Sugar.

Depilation takes place in several stages:

  1. Preparatory. This is about exfoliating skin particles to facilitate hair removal.
  2. Using talcum powder. After finishing the preparation of the skin for further processing, it is necessary to apply talcum powder (baby talc) to it.
  3. After making sure the hairs are of the correct length (not too short or too long), you can proceed to the process.
  4. Regardless of the type of depilation chosen, hair removal occurs against their growth.
  5. After completing the procedure, be sure to lubricate the area you worked with. The oil removes the remaining wax perfectly.

Is permanent depilation/hair removal possible? For some, this question may become eternal. And to prevent this from happening, take advantage of the special offer and take a training course, you can sign up directly on my home page. After that, you will become a certified master and will be able to carry out perfect hair removal without leaving your home.

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