Epilation from the French word epiler means “to remove hair”. Today you will get acquainted with what methods of hair removal are.

To the root!

Traditionally, the elimination of unwanted hair involves pulling it out along with the root. As a result, the effect lasts at least 2, maximum 4 weeks.
It is foolish to look for answers to how to stop the growth of hair on the face and other parts of the body. Read about this in the article of the same name.
And here are the long-awaited ways to remove hair forever and for a very long time:

1. Shaving;
2. Depilation with cream;
3. Epilator;
4. Sugaring and wax;
5. Electrolysis;
6. Laser hair removal;
7. Photoepilation.


This is an effective way to remove hair if you can’t stand the pain and are ready to use the razor every day. Take note that shaving will not get rid of facial hair.
Average cost: 10 dollars/shaving machine and 3 dollars/auxiliary cosmetics.

Depilation with cream

Thanks to the thioglycolic acid contained in the cream, the hair dissolves. The follicle does not suffer at all. It is recommended to keep the cream on the skin for no more than 10 minutes to avoid chemical burns and irritation.
Cream price: from 3 dollars. (the package includes a spatula for applying the product).
Depilation is not possible in a bikini, armpit, and facial hair.


This device is intended for those who want to forget about irritating hairs for at least a month or a couple of weeks (2-4).
Tip: When buying, choose a model equipped with two speeds. The first speed is ideal for beginners, as it relieves hair less painfully, but the second one will perfectly help experienced amateurs who have gotten used to the device.
The main disadvantage of this method is the painfulness of the procedure. The motivation to buy is the pleasant thought of taking a month off from shaving.
Price: from 40 dollars. (the simplest model).
The epilator can remove hair in the intimate area, armpits, and even on the face.

Sugar and wax

Sugaring and the wax method of hair elimination is, of course, not electrolysis over the upper lip, but also not bad! There are several types of wax depilation:

· Hot (waxing);
· Warm;
· Cold.

Both sugar and wax depilation can be easily done at home.
Price: sugar depilation costs from 8 dollars, wax – from 7 dollars.
The methods have contraindications: varicose veins, benign and malignant skin diseases, allergies.

Salon Techniques – Electrolysis

This includes electrolysis. Here are the main types:

· Thermolysis;
· Electrolysis;
· Blend.

Thermolysis is the most painful but quickest way. When using it, a needle is inserted into the follicle, which transfers heat in the form of a current. It destroys the follicle, after which the hair dies. After the procedure, the consequences are possible: burns.
Electrolysis is a safer way. It destroys the follicle due to hydrochloric acid. The process takes much longer than thermolysis.
The blend combines these two varieties.
Cost: 1.5 – 5 dollars. (5 minutes of thermolysis), 5-14 dollars. (one area using electrolysis).
It is difficult to say which hair removal method is the best. However, you can answer this question yourself, based on your needs.

Laser and photo epilation

Both procedures are called light methods. The effect on the hairs is due to rays. However, they do not affect gray or too light hair.
There are contraindications for using these methods:

· Malignant and benign formations;
· Infectious diseases;
· Diabetes;
· Phlebeurysm;
· Skin diseases.

Price: 54 dollars (laser hair removal: treatment of one zone); 70 USD (photoepilation: one flash – 1 dollar); 100 USD (ELOS procedure).

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