Everyone who loves and appreciates the profession of an electrologist sooner or later came to the question: how to become an epilation master? This matter will be discussed in detail today.


Every epilation specialist has its own success story. Someone came into this industry, leaving the office work of an accountant at the age of 30, and someone at 19, combining the work of a cosmetologist. And, as a rule, all these people wanted to earn enough and do what they love.

Hair removal methods are very different. Each master chooses his own path. For example, in an introductory lesson on electrolysis, I will tell you what the pros and cons of electrolysis are. The same is the case with other types of unwanted hair elimination. Then you decide for yourself – to be or not to be.

A few words about electrolysis

This is a modern destination with a huge history. Highly demanded by customers. Effective and at the same time low-cost. The electrolysis master combines business with pleasure – she makes her clients happy while earning from 400 dollars per month. By the way, on the main page, there is a full description of my online electrolysis course “ I AM AN ELECTROLOGIST “.

When choosing the profession of an electrologist, it should be borne in mind that electrolysis has its own contraindications.


Every novice master should hear the following tips:

  1. Pricing policy. This is one of the main criteria in your work. In order to determine the price of labor, be guided by your competitors. Compare the features of work, the quality of the services provided, call at least 10 competitors, and ask how much their services cost.
  2. Requirements for the place of work. The workspace must meet the hygienic requirements. You can work in the salon or at home, as long as you follow the rules.
  3. You must work long and hard. It takes more practice to achieve quality at work. But once you establish yourself as a professional, all the efforts and work will pay off.
  4. An electrologist is a psychologist. You must understand your client, be able to listen and give advice. Most clients choose their Empathy Master.
  5. An electrologist is a marketer. You must be good at advertising. When you have enough clients, word of mouth will make it easier for you.

These are the tips that beginner epilation masters need to do.

About sugaring

For example, a little about sugar depilation.

Sugar depilation is one of the varieties included in the category of hair removal methods. Otherwise, it is called sugaring.

Certified specialist works with one or more brands. There are more than 50 of them on the market.

In the era of the Internet, it became possible to study not only in a beauty studio but also online, via Skype, participating in webinars. Each student chooses a convenient way for himself.

Speaking about the terms of training, it is worth noting that there are courses of different duration. It depends on the speed of assimilation of information by the future master: from 2 days to several weeks. If you want to learn how to become a sugaring master, be sure to sign up for training on the site. At the time of this writing, I was recording a course on sugaring, and most likely it is already available to everyone.

Depilation Training

This course teaches not only the process of epilation but also how to reduce hair growth after depilation. The training program provides not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge. Working out the information received in practice is a mandatory criterion for the certification of a specialist.

In order to become a master, you need not only professional qualities, but also personal ones. Friendliness, an individual approach to the client, the ability to listen and help will make a client grateful.

When answering the question: how to become a master of depilation, ask yourself if you really want to work in this area. Indeed, many masters choose this area for personal reasons (for example, they dream of self-depilation at home).

Each master chooses a convenient work schedule: 5/2 like in the office or 7/0, trying to get as much experience as possible.

How to choose courses?

You should not look for the answer to this question on the Internet. It depends on you personally. Write on a piece of paper the main selection criteria: your employment, desired income, place of work, love of self-study, or discussions with other students.

Courses are presented in two formats – online and offline. The terms and cost of training vary depending on the chosen format.

Having clearly defined for yourself what you want, pay attention to the special offer valid on the site. When you leave an application for training, you get an excellent discount!

After graduating from the courses of epilation masters, you will become not just a certified master, you will start a new stage in your life, receiving a decent salary.

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  • Kemppi says:

    Hello everyone! In addition to general human qualities, the professional skills of the master include: work for the result, possession of several techniques (manual, bandage, spatula), constant openness to new knowledge, compliance with safety and hygiene of the workplace.

  • ArcFeed says:

    The cheapest electrolysis epilator costs 200 dollars. The price of expensive models reaches 3000 dollars. Such devices are able to select programs depending on the thickness and structure of the hair, automatically initiate an electrical impulse when it enters the hair follicle, have a special microchip that allows you to record dozens of different epilation programs, prevent tissue burns associated with incorrect needle insertion, have programs for post-epilation patient management. The cost of a minute of electrolysis is 0.24-0.30 dollars. Anesthesia is paid additionally (3-4 dollars).

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