Today, on the market for electrolysis systems, the range of Russian-made devices at an affordable price is quite large, and one of those models that should be paid attention to both those who are looking for equipment for working at home and those who work in a professional cosmetology office is the device produced by Galatea “POLLY”.

A little about Galatea

This brand has been specializing in the manufacture of equipment for aesthetic medicine and preventive cosmetology since 1995 and is not the last on the market. Galatea products meet international quality standards and are absolutely safe to use.

Characteristic “POLLY” Galatea

Electrolysis system “POLY” manufactured by Galatea can be classified as professional equipment. It allows you to get rid of hair almost painlessly, even in the most delicate and sensitive areas.

“POLLY” Galatea is very simple and straightforward to operate when operating in one of the three available modes:

  • Thermolysis;
  • Blend;
  • Flash.

The memory of the device helps to save 16 individually designed programs, and the counter of removed hair and the time of carrying out allows full control of the entire procedure.

This device can be classified as compact because its weight is less than three kilograms, which means that it is suitable for home use. The complete set is standard: hardware unit, needle holder, neutral electrode, pedal, and instructions.

The output power is 15 or 30 W, and the power consumption is 50 W. Working signal frequency – 1760 kHz.

How do I get started with POLY Galatea?

If you have long dreamed of becoming an electrologist, then I can make your dream come true, because my author’s course “I am an ELECTROLOGIST” will teach you this skill in a short time, and you can not only get rid of your hair forever but also have a good income. Have you been looking for a long time where to learn electrolysis? Check out the course on home page and submit your application — start your journey. And an option of the starting Electrolysis system can be the apparatus of the company Galatea “POLLY”, which you can buy from me.

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