In the modern world, it is fashionable to look well-groomed, with smooth skin without excess hair. That is why, for many, permanent hair removal is the most effective way to get rid of bad moods and a series of bad luck in their personal life.
Below you will read about what electrolysis is and find out its pros and cons.

Say goodbye to the hair you don’t need!

Having made the decision to get rid of unwanted hairs, you must choose a competent specialist. The beautician will examine your skin and give detailed instructions on how to prepare for epilation. Also, during the examination, you will find out about possible contraindications. These include:
· Pregnancy;
· Oncological diseases;
· Gynecological diseases;
· Etc.
After that, the stage of preparation for the procedure begins. A few days before the session, you should treat your skin at home with creams and moisturizing lotions. The fact is that after the procedure, the skin occasionally dries up, it will need an additional source of moisture.

Electrolysis: process features

Before starting the session, the skin must be treated with an anesthetic. It could be a cream. Anesthesia will help you not feel pain and carelessly wait for the completion of the master’s work.
The first procedure takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes (if you epilate the armpit area). As a rule, one session is not enough because not all hairs may be germinated. The procedure can be repeated after 1-2 months.
The time for visiting the second epilation is reduced, as there is much less hair left. In total, in order to finally get rid of unwanted hair, it may take about 7 procedures. It depends on the experience of the master and your personality.

Disadvantages of electrolysis

Everything has negative sides, this procedure is no exception. So:
· The price of devices for electrolysis at home. If you do not plan to go to the salon, but want to get rid of your hair on your own, then you will have to spend an amount of 400 dollars or more. Is it worth it? You decide.
· Duration of procedures. One session is not enough for you, unless, of course, your hair is very thin.
· Contraindications. If you, for example, are pregnant, then you need to wait at least 9 months.
· Pain. Getting rid of hair always hurts. Choose one of two things: either you endure pain and look beautiful, or spend your whole life shaving.
· Search for an electrologist. There are not so many competent specialists. Read reviews carefully before choosing a master.
· Care after electrolysis. You will need to take care of your skin for 7-10 days. This will prevent the appearance of the inflammatory process.

Benefits of electrolysis

In contrast to the disadvantages, there are always positive aspects:
· Getting rid of hair once and for all;
· Low-cost procedure in comparison with photoepilation;
· Eliminates the possibility of ingrown hairs;
· Elimination of hair from any part of the body;
· Recommended for all skin types.

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