Electrolysis epilators of the Spanish company Ross for many years have been the leaders of not only the European but also the Russian market, especially after successful cooperation with the Russian company “Universe of Beauty”. It is with these two electrolysis devices, which arose after combining the experience of two large brands, that I want to introduce you today.

A little about Ross

The history of this company goes back to the distant post-war period, namely in 1948, when three Spaniards decided to start producing cosmetic furniture. Only in 1977, they changed their line of business to the manufacture of cosmetic equipment. Success was not long in coming, and their products quickly entered the world market thanks to careful quality control, because it is quality that Ross always pays special attention to, and therefore this department is the most modern and equipped.

Today Ross specializes in Electrolysis epilators, as well as devices for the face and body.

Features of Ross Epilators

In 2007, Ross entered into a cooperation agreement with the Russian “Universe of Beauty”, during which, after three years of hard work and constant testing, two new devices appeared on the market:

  • Depilplus 13 Mhz;
  • Depilplus 3.

They differ significantly both in price and in characteristics, so let’s look at each separately.

About Depilplus 13 MHz

This model is a professional device that is suitable for work in salons and cosmetology centers. It was developed on the basis of Depilplus 2, which has been very popular in the global market for over 16 years.

Depilplus 13 Mhz operates in 9 modes:

  1. Electrolysis;
  2. Thermolysis;
  3. Mild thermolysis;
  4. Flash;
  5. Blend;
  6. Thermotherapy;
  7. Anaphoresis;
  8. Cataphoresis;
  9. Ozone therapy.

The device is equipped with 123 factory programs for carrying out procedures, as well as 527 programs that the cosmetologist can write down individually for each of his regular clients, which operate on direct and alternating current. It includes not only a counter for the duration of the procedure, but also a counter for removed hair.

The set of Depilplus 13 Mhz consists of the device itself, a semi-automatic pedal, two needle holders, a set of needles, a probe for anaphoresis, cataphoresis and ozone therapy and a return electrode.

About Depilplus 3

This compact and intuitive machine weighs only 3 kilograms and operates in 4 modes:

  • Thermolysis;
  • Electrolysis;
  • Flash;
  • Blend.

The device is equipped with only 4 built-in factory programs, the cosmetologist cannot add his own programs. The counter of the removed hair and the duration of the procedure is also built into the electric epilator.

The Depilplus 3 package consists of the device itself, a pedal, a needle holder, a set of needles and a return electrode.

About Depilplus 2, video review

In addition to the final removal of unwanted hair, the cosmetologist can use DEPIL PLUS-2 for therapy with CATAPHORESIS (ionization), as well as choose the most suitable type of current for hair removal: BLEND, THERMOLIZ, ELECTROLYSIS, FLASH or PROBE .

DEPIL PLUS-2 has 22 programs with different types of current and duration, which depend on the area of the body and the type of hair to be removed. All programs can be changed at your discretion, focusing on hair type, epilation zone, etc. Each method has a menu where you can make any change to a previously recorded program. In addition, you can set your program, put it in memory, and use it while working.

You can buy this and other models of the Ross company from us at competitive prices from the manufacturer.

How to get started with Ross machines?

In order to acquire sufficient levels of skill and knowledge to carry out procedures using Ross electrolysis systems, it is enough to complete my personal course “I am an ELECTROLOGIST” from anywhere in the world, which will turn you into real professionals and help you start your journey in a new field of activity. Have you dreamed about this for a long time? Write on the main page and we will contact you.

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