Today electrolysis is perhaps one of the most popular and effective methods of dealing with unwanted hair. I will write right away that we will be talking about the low-cost apparatus Сosmorem – the price for it is very attractive. You can buy Cosmorem from me at a nice price with hardware support. So, let’s continue, this niche has not yet been filled, which means that specialists in the electrolysis are still needed and in great demand. You can start your journey into the world of electrolysis with the low-cost Cosmorem needle electrolysis epilator.

But first, you should learn about all the pros and cons of electrolysis in order to love it without a doubt: Pros and cons of Electrolysis
Cosmorem electrolysis system is used both at home and for professional purposes to eliminate any type of hair, so reviews on cosmorem can be found both from beginners and from experienced ones in the field of electrolysis.

You can read more about the various types of devices and the principles of their work in the article: Devices for Electrolysis
This device operates in the thermolysis mode – a short-wave high-frequency method of destroying the hair follicle by electrocoagulation. The disadvantage of such a regime is painstaking since the scope is very limited.

Cosmorem has several main components:

• The electrolysis epilator itself and the pedal
• Handle for tungsten filaments
• Tungsten filaments of two diameters

You can buy a Cosmorem electrolysis system in any specialized store, but just buying a device is not enough – you need to know how to work with it. And in order not only to permanently rid yourself and your friends of unwanted hair at home but also to make money on it, you just need to take the course “I am an Electrologist” “I AM AN ELECTROLOGIST” that will make you a real professional.

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