I am very glad to see you on my site. So, my name is Aida Khazieva and I teach courses, training, webinars, as well as conduct workshops and teach hair removal in all cities of this big planet. And you ask me, how do I manage everything? I have a magic wand … Joke. It’s just that I work a lot and do my best to make it easier for people to gain knowledge, if you want, come to me, if you don’t want to, sit comfortably at home and become an epilation specialist by studying online, well, or I will come to you and teach you. Cool? Isn’t it?

I won’t write much here. I will just list and tell you about all types of hair removal that exist today and you can get an education by leaving your email in the form below, or I will inform you when this or that online, offline course starts. So, let’s go. I wanted to make a table, but it seemed to work out so well.

Epilation type :

1. Enzyme-based hair removal;
2. Electrolysis;
3. Light based types of epilation (photoepilation, laser, quantum, ultrasonic, elos-epilation);
4. Gel hair removal is new at the time.

Removal Technique :

1. Physical hair pulling out with subsequent exposure to a hair growth inhibitor;
2. Hair removal using low-frequency current;
3. Hair removal by exposure to light;
4. Hair removal with gel.

Frequency of procedures :

1. Once a month;
2. Once a month;
3. Once a month;
4. Once a month.

Contraindications :

1. Skin diseases, wounds, individual intolerance, allergic reactions, varicose veins;
2. Skin diseases, wounds, individual intolerance, neuropsychiatric disorders, pregnancy, age up to 18 years;
3. The sunburn skin, skin diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, tumors, skin formations, pregnancy, cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins, after chemical peeling;
4. Dermatitis, ulcers, eczema in acute stages, papillomas, hematomas, deep wounds.

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1. The minimum number of ingrown hairs, with regular use of this method, hair thinning is observed, a decrease in the amount;
2. With the systematic use of this method, the hair stops growing, this method is suitable for removing any type of hair;
3. The result is temporary, after you stop the procedure, the hair can resume its growth;
4. The advantage of gel hair removal is the ability to remove hair for a very long period almost painlessly.

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1. Allergic reactions;
2. Soreness, duration of the procedure, post-epilation skin healing from 2 to 4 weeks;
3. Potential for burns. Unwanted exposure to the sun both before and after the procedure, pigmentation, ineffective when applied to light hair;
4. Among the shortcomings, we can single out the fact that it is not applicable if:

– the person has used creams/gels/deodorants 12 hours before the procedure

– with heavy sweating

– in the bikini and underarms area (only arms, legs, stomach, back …).

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