We have launched a franchising system in several areas, both for epilation and depilation, one of the main ones is, of course, Electrolysis, namely the Electrolysis Center. This includes full and part of services and a training studio of the new generation, in your city using the latest methods of work and attracting customers to your business. After all, we all already know that clients are one of the main components of a successful business and if they are also permanent …

Moreover, in each city, my team and I will help open a training studio or an Electrolysis studio taking into account the competitive ability and, as a rule, for one city with a population of one million I give the opportunity to open only a few of these so as not to create unseasonable competition between Franchisee.

I have a super team. Perhaps it is not big, most likely just like that, but there are smart, knowledgeable specialists gathered. Yes, yes, and most likely that is why you are reading this text now.

I am the Khaziyeva Aida brand. I think you’ve read a lot about me on the Internet. And before making decisions, I want to write about my plans.

Now I am very densely developing throughout Russia and abroad, not only in online education, but a lot of people come to me to study offline, there were cases when they called me to their cities so that I would teach and transfer my knowledge and skills. I will soon fly to Italy to teach another student. Therefore, in my plans to make training accessible, because it’s so cool when you are where it is in Mexico and found a cool expert in any industry and without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even more studying while sitting at home or in the office, or … anywhere.

The first stage of interaction with me and the franchisee candidate is filling out a questionnaire by the applicant.

How much does a franchise cost?

It is not possible to give precise information on the number of investments in business development under the Khazieva Aida brand, since the size of investments is very different depending on the area, type of activity, possibilities for the functioning of concepts, and other nuances. Detailed information is discussed in the case of mutual interest in cooperation.

Is it possible to buy a franchise separately for services (or for a training center)?

Yes, luckily it can be done. But I want to note that it will be more convenient to work in the complex, since many of my clients have grown into students, and now they are already strong specialists in their cities.

Can I purchase a single city franchise?

Yes, this is quite possible, because we want to develop together with you and if you have the opportunity to purchase all the prospective points of opening a franchisee in your city, then we are ready to make a deal.

Is it possible to purchase a franchise outside of Russia (country / territory)?

The responsible person is in charge of collecting information on potential cooperation with the Khazieva Aida brand through the franchising system and potential franchisee candidates outside the Russian Federation, you can contact him by the specified mail with the obligatory mark “Franchisee outside the Russian Federation”: support@electrolysiscourse.com

What does it take to get a franchise?

It is important for me that the candidate for the acquisition of a franchise meets the following requirements: impeccable reputation and honesty, the experience of doing his own business in the market, a success story, the ability to work according to the rules of a franchise organization, the willingness to devote all his time and maximum efforts to further development of our common brand, experience retail, personal capital for investment. The first stage of interaction with me and the franchisee candidate is filling out a questionnaire by the applicant. Request a questionnaire by the specified mail marked “I want a Franchisee” and be sure to indicate the city where you want to open: support@electrolysiscourse.com

And I do not say goodbye to you, but I say only see you soon. Together we will cope, and the Franchisee will only help us with this !!!