In today’s article, we will focus on the Shmel 1000 device, which is a flash epilator and you can buy it right on this page. If you have long wanted to try epilation on yourself and to be an electrologist, then you should probably pay attention to the Flash method, because it is an improved type of thermolysis, its less painful type. But now let’s talk in more detail about the Shmel 100 electrolysis device.

General information about the device Shmel 1000

Epilator Bumblebee 1000 is an indispensable device for hair removal even in the most delicate ones. Flash thermolysis is an improved form of thermolysis. During this procedure, the destruction of the hair follicle occurs due to the effect of the current that passes through the electrode. This allows you to reduce the time of exposure to the bulb, which means that you can generally shorten the duration of the procedure, as well as significantly reduce its pain.

The design of the device is very clear. The country of origin is Russia, so there should be the translation of instructions and terminology on the screen. Technical characteristics allow you to perform long procedures, selecting the required power even for the most delicate areas, periodically making small pauses, which are also available in the functionality of the device.

Shmel 1000 Models

On the official website, you can find 4 models of this device, which differ in operating modes: some remove hair by flash thermolysis, others – diathermocoagulation, and still others combine both modes in one.

1. Flash electrolysis epilator Shmel 1000;
2. Epilator-coagulator Shmel 1000;
3. Coagulator Shmel 1000;
4. Needle flash electric epilator Shmel 1000.

The complete set of all four models differs in several details: handles for epilation and coagulation, electrodes for epilation and coagulation.

How do I get started with this machine?

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  • Ninel says:

    Tell me please, I bought a device for home use an Shmell, what power should I set for the bikini area and armpits? thank you in advance.

    1. admin says:

      There are nuances here) Leave a request on the main page of the site with a note. We will definitely help you set up your device.

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