On the Internet, there are more and more questions related to the use of a thread in the process of getting rid of hairs. This article will cover this topic.

Electro-hair removal is no joke!

At the beginning it may seem that this is impossible, however, it is worth clarifying a few points.
· A thread is not a thread in the usual way. It is a very thin needle, for which it got its name.
· A properly sharpened thread is able to penetrate into the hair follicle and contribute to its elimination forever.

Thread: A to Z

As a rule, real professionals use this tool in their work. After all, it requires special preparation before a cosmetic session. It is about sharpening the end of the thread. The need to bevel at the right angle is a must!

There are different tool thicknesses:
0.05 mm (thin). Application: the area of ​​the face and small hairs all over the body.
0.12 mm (medium). Recommended for getting rid of coarse hair (legs, bikini).

Electrolysis with tungsten filament: process

The tip of such a needle is cut with scissors to give the desired shape. And only then it is operated, and only on domestic devices.
The trimmed part is inserted into the follicle. After that, the current is supplied for no more than 1 s. To avoid the painful effect, before the session, the treated area of ​​the skin is lubricated with an anesthetic cream.
Electro-hair removal with a thread or a needle is almost the same thing, judging by the result, hair growth stops after depilation.
It is believed that when using a tungsten filament, the chance of getting burned is zero. However, it all depends on the skill of the electrologist. If a competent specialist works with you, then the risk of getting micro-injuries decreases. And I myself am a supporter of needles, and I made a video about this, which I advise you to watch right now.

Electrolysis with tungsten thread: reviews

Claire, 19 years old, Florida:
We went to thread procedures with our friend Veronica on the advice of her aunt. Vera’s result was simply gorgeous, the hair removal was almost painless. But things went differently for me. I have very sensitive skin, so it hurt. That was 4 months ago. Since then, the hair has become 95% smaller, so I am satisfied.

Elizabeth, 27 years old, Tampa:
The problem of unnecessary hair tormented me for a long time. But everything stopped after they were removed with a thread. If you are searching for a way to get rid of hairs, then only this one. No sugaring and other methods will help.

Kira, 35 years old, Monreal:
This spring I decided on the procedure. It hurts, but what doesn’t? Suffered, but now happy. I signed up with a competent specialist, there were no complications. I just followed the recommendations of the master for 10 days.

Electrologist – profitable and modern!

By helping to remove body hair, the master makes thousands of people happier. They no longer have to spend a lot of time using razors and visiting beauty salons. And you, in turn, will have a stable income.
How to become an epilation master if you have realized your interest in this specialty? Just leave a request on the website page with contact information, and soon your dream will come true!

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